TOTD: Best investment car right now

Discussing cars that are going up in value - or, even better, those that are about to - is a mainstay of car conversation in both the real and virtual world. Here though a PHer is willing to put his money where his mouth is, and buy a car that should appreciate in value.

While a dream that has backfired on many, the current classic car climate means many cars are appreciating and common themes are emerging. Therefore the possibility of enjoying a car and making money on it is arguably more likely than it was a little while back.

To this specific case then, of PHer 'bababoom'. He has £10,000 to spend, but "could push to £14K for something really nice". He wants a weekend toy "that will hopefully go up in value rather than down" and has currently shortlisted a TVR Chimaera, Saab 900 Turbo and the old six-cylinder BMW M3s. Suggestions made by other PHers so far include the Porsche 968, Mercedes SL and the Audi RS4.

But with the thread being fairly fresh, there are surely plenty more cars out there that satisfy this PHer's criteria. What would you buy in the scenario? A fellow reader wants to know!

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