Toyota Century Convertible!

Everyone loves a Toyota Century; they're just the rules. The combination of V12 engine, peerless craftsmanship, quite ordinary styling and the incongruity of a Toyota badge has made it a cult classic. Now its stock will surely only rise further, with the announcement of a unique Century convertible.

This one-off has been built for the new Japanese emperor Naruhito, whose coronation ceremony is due to take place on October 22nd. It's built from a 2017 Century V8 hybrid, replacing a 1990 Rolls-Royce Corniche III as presidential wheels no less, and will be tasked with driving the 2.85-mile route from the imperial palace west to Akasaka Palace. Yep, that's a bespoke luxury car, for driving less than three miles...

As well as the decapitation, the Century cab has had its rear seats modified to give onlookers a better view of Naruhito and his wife. They're placed 1.57 inches higher than standard, with the seat backs fixed at 25 degrees. In typical Toyota fashion, it looks impeccably done - maybe they could make a few more.

Once its coronation duties are fulfilled, the drop-top Century will be displayed in museums and used during next year's Olympics, so it's not disappearing entirely after October. Given the last presidential wagon was in service for 30 years, actually, it's probably not disappearing for a very long time. Good job everyone loves the Century, then...

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  • richinlondon 20 Sep 2019

    So awful it’s fabulous

  • BMW A6 20 Sep 2019

    John F Kennedy

  • quigonjay 20 Sep 2019

    V8 hybrid in this model not V12

  • Ilovejapcrap 20 Sep 2019


  • DaveTheRave87 20 Sep 2019

    You'd wonder why they wouldn't go for a full EV if it's only for a 3 mile commute.

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