Toyota Shows Off FT-86 'II'

As the forthcoming rear-drive Toyota coupe - the FT-86 - gets ever closer to production, the Japanese car manufacturing giant has revealed a second concept at the Geneva show.

Imaginatively dubbed the FT-86 II, the concept is closer to the finished product - which we hope to se in all its full-production glory by the end of the year - than anything we’ve seen before.

Perhaps the most significant and yet least obvious changes over the previous concept are to the bonnet and roof line, both of which are slightly higher than in the previous concept, presumably in the causes of pedestrian impact safety and interior packaging respectively.

The mildly fussy spoiler, chunky bumpers and beefy exhausts are really motor show glitz, but beneath the bling what you see is essentially what we will eventually get in the forecourts of the nation’s Toyota dealers.

As far as technical specifications go, it’s all a bit sketchy at the moment. We know it will be rear-wheel drive, we know it will be powered by a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated Subaru-sourced boxer engine, and we know it will get a conventional manual transmission, but beyond that things are as dark as the concept’s tinted windows

But although Toyota is keeping more or less shtum about the finer details, we did have a chat with a couple of senior Toyota chaps. They told us that β€˜the mechanicals have been kept as low as possible in the car, as well as between the front and rear axles, to help maximise the car’s agility and sporty responses’ and that inside there will be β€˜lots of fun buttons to press’, allowing Toyota to make the car an extremely β€˜adjustable’ driving experience.

And the price? There’s little information on that, but an unfavourable exchange rat with the yen means that the original hopes of a sub-Β£20k sports car are likely to be decisively dashed, but that the FT-86 could still come in below Β£25k.

P.H. O'meter

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Comments (93) Join the discussion on the forum

  • PascalBuyens 02 Mar 2011

    Hmmm... I'll wait judging it until I see it in the flesh tomorrow...

  • OwenK 02 Mar 2011

    Looks much better in near production trim than the concepts I think, barring the DRLs anyway.

  • Fergie87 02 Mar 2011

    2.0 N/A any ideas on the power output? Unless it's going to be light i don't see it being very quick. Nice looking though smile

  • Tuvra 02 Mar 2011

    Fergie87 said:
    2.0 N/A any ideas on the power output? Unless it's going to be light i don't see it being very quick. Nice looking though smile
    I got a feeling its going to be poorly powered, why 2.0 N/A? Stick the 2.5 Impreza Turbo lump in there and make a proper sports car for god sakes!

  • Steve vRS 02 Mar 2011

    Those photos look better than the ones in Autocar but that back end still worries me. I much preferred the original concepts smooth, uncluttered look.

    Hope they are sticking to the brief of light - sub 1200kg these days. Coupled to a 180bhp engine, that would be fun and not too expensive.


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