Ultima lays US expansion plan

Ultima GTR
Ultima GTR
Sports car maker Ultima hopes to improve its US presence by selling the rights to produce and sell into America.

Included in the offer are the exclusive rights, jigs, moulds and patterns to manufacture in the USA the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am range of cars -- the fastest accelerating and decelerating supercar in the world.

Ultima boss Ted Marlow said: "This is an exciting and prestigious investment opportunity for an investor/investors to purchase from ourselves the entire Ultima manufacturing and marketing rights for the USA and take the venture in a direction of their own choice.

"We feel that for our product to receive the attention it deserves in the USA market it really requires a business structure with more available time, investment, resources and commitment than we possess. The potential for Ultima sales in the USA market is simply huge, and the new owner can ensure that the Ultima receives the media and promotional attention it deserves which is something we simply cannot service satisfactorily from our UK base. The opportunity is there for the new owner to set up a nationwide dealer network in the USA to help service the market and cope with the volume of sales anticipated.

"I would be the first person to frustratingly admit we haven't even remotely touched on the commercial potential that the Ultima clearly has Stateside. This is a unique opportunity to acquire all of the rights plus the know how to market a highly successful, thoroughly developed, proven, world beating supercar project which already has a huge fan base of supportive and loyal stateside customers and followers."

Company director Richard Marlow said: "While it will be quite an emotional moment for Ted and myself to hand over control of the USA market, which I know has huge untapped potential, I genuinely believe it will be a positive step which will enable the world beating Ultima marque to receive the attention it deserves in the USA and I am confident that given appropriate media exposure the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am can become household names and renowned across the entire country.

"Rest assured that during the time period that this exciting business opportunity is offered for sale, none of our valued existing USA customers will experience any differences at all in our customer service policies, prices will remain unchanged and we will of course still be taking fresh orders from new USA customers and actively encouraging new sales.

"Also, existing USA customers who are part way through a build will not experience any changes in their dealings with us for spare parts and support which will be available to our usual high standards. To clarify, this fantastic opportunity certainly isn't a request from us to obtain dealers, but a chance for an investor/investors to set up a business to take over the entire manufacturing and marketing control of the Ultima in the USA. There will be no change at all in the structure of Ultima Sports Ltd which will continue to market the Ultima to the rest of the world.”

Offers are invited from interested parties in the region of GBP£1.6million. All offers will be handled in the strictest confidence.

If you're interested, contact Ted Marlow using the link below.

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  • GTRene 04 Jan 2006

    That could mean more Ultima's and more ideas for devellopments, and a bigger market in the USA only thing is the engine choice to make things "legal" in the states but that also means "better" engine packages and more reliable too...hm...tempting
    Lucky for me they are also trying to get more Ultima's in the Netherlands LHD so thats also good news I like those cars...only not have anough money......aaaaaah

  • dinkel 04 Jan 2006

    Rene, read this.

    Edit: With Amerspeed mills it should go!

    At the Nring... . . . love to see one going thru the LS corkscrew.

    >> Edited by dinkel on Wednesday 4th January 15:37

  • Suckmychrsitmas 04 Jan 2006

    Anyone timed the GTR around the 'Ring yet?

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