Update: New Stratos Could Be Set For Limited Run

The mysterious 'New Lancia Stratos'- images of which we published in fuzzy-photo form last week - may be more than just a one-off, at least if the latest flurry of rumours from the US is to be believed.

US mag Car and Driver is suggesting that, far from a one-off, the Stratos is headed for limited series production, Alfa Romeo 8C style, and that the anonymous financier is in fact helping to back the whole shebang.

C and D's sleuths have also decided that the car is the work of Jason Castriota, whose credits include a hand in the design of the Ferrari 599 and Maserati GranTurismo, the Ferrari P4/5 one-off, and the Bertone Mantide.

Before becoming ensconced in his new design role at Saab, Castriota worked first at Pininfarina, then Bertone. The logical extension of this is that the project was begun at Pininfarina, and completed at Bertone.

The Pininfarina bit seems to be borne out by this latest pic - which appears to have been taken on the roof of the firm's building in Turin - although we can't prove the rest of the story.

As for concrete news on the engine or chassis - there is none, but a mid-engined Ferrari-based platform and flat-crank V8 are still hot favourite.

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  • Oddball RS 11 Aug 2010

    Lets be honest this is what the 8C should have been from day one, just make sure this one handles!

  • The Hypno-Toad 11 Aug 2010

    If it really is going to look like that, I think I've just found my new lottery car.

    Want one.

  • aeropilot 11 Aug 2010

    Yum..... yum if true.

  • teen_cerbera 11 Aug 2010

    The front end looks all wrong:

    "we cant copy the front of the 599 u worked on!"

    "sure we can, just square it up a bit!"

  • Furyblade_Lee 11 Aug 2010

    I need some tissues

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