Video: BMW M5 in Blighty

Not quite exciting enough, some say. The E63 AMG is marginally better, say others. Even our very own Chris-R was merely 'whelmed' by the new BMW M5.

But that's probably partly because we expect so much of new M cars, and possibly partly because motoring hacks are a cynical, jaded lot.

Either way, the new BMW M5 is heading for Blighty pretty darn soon, and this new promo vid is the first one we've seen shot on this sceptred isle. And it's got us all excited about BMW's new uber-saloon all over again.

After all - 560hp, twin-turbo V8, rear-drive, sexy slow-mo powerslides: what's not to like?



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  • Mermaid 14 Nov 2011

    It's good, but then so much else is. The gap has narrowed.

  • JonyTVR 14 Nov 2011

    bit more like how adverts should be! when was the last time you saw a car advert where the car was travelling at speed and had the wheels spinning? now just get it on the tele!

  • Hellbound 14 Nov 2011

    Sounds like they put in a 'grime' inspired bass line...welcome to the UK M5! biggrin

  • Ollieb7 14 Nov 2011

    Great, but you would need your head examined to spend circa 90k on this with the Knowledge that in 5 odd years it will only be worth £16K (re Autocar mag a few weeks back)..

  • 666 SVT 14 Nov 2011

    It's the interior design of BMWs that make lean towards the Mercs.

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