Video: Rolls-Royce in a field. Erm... what?

Here's something we've just stumbled across. And it's Friday afternoon, and it's raining, so we thought we'd share it with you.

It appears to be a video of a man in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, drifting it around in a field. And not just any Phantom, either - this one looks to be an extended-wheelbase version made after the 2009 facelift, putting its value at at least £300,000, if not more.

Why? Well, we don't really know, though we suspect the reason is 'because he can'. While it doesn't quite live up to the video's title of 'Rolls-Royce Rally Car', it's certainly something we never thought we'd see. We have to give him credit for that, even if we haven't quite worked out whether it's a good thing or not.

Go on, get involved and tell us what you think. You know you want to.




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  • gpb1 14 Dec 2012

    Guess someone's boss has gone on holiday and left the keys with the help

  • Nobby77 14 Dec 2012

    Marquess of Blandford? wink

  • Quacker 14 Dec 2012

    I hope its not his and belongs to his boss who is blissfully unaware of his antics.

    Beaten to it!

  • storminnorman 14 Dec 2012

    Have you seen his other videos? all seem to be in the same rural setting, clearly some obscure royal

  • Ashley1987 14 Dec 2012

    Prince Harry.

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