VW Launch Cayenne Rival

Volkswagen plans to release the new Touareg R50 at the Australian Motor Show and by doing so they will offer one of the most powerful SUVs around.

The retuned V10 TDI will produce more than the 313bhp and staggering 553 lb-ft of torque of the current car. In addition to monster power the R50 also has larger wheels with road focused tyres, stiffer suspension and a new aero kit.

That's all they are telling us about the car at the moment, but expect to hear more after it’s unveiling on the 11th October.

UPDATE: VW will not release power details but confirm that power WILL be increased over standard 5.0. The words 'generous increases' were used. Sorry, we couldn't find out any more info.

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  • tomTVR 04 Oct 2007

    I don't mean to be rude or anything but the touareg has been smoking around with that engine in it for years confused

  • doddy1982 04 Oct 2007

    I am ashamed to admit, that looks awesome. I would have one. I normally hate the things, but that does something for me, its chunky, agressive, big, powerful and not as cripplingly arrogant as a range rover or porsche.

  • astrsxi77 04 Oct 2007


  • Timnorthlondon 04 Oct 2007

    TomTVR - you're right, it's the same 5.0 litre engine that's always been in the V10, just a different body kit.

    The R range was shown at Frankfurt last month, slight power upggrades on the cars like an extra 20bph on the 3.0D etc........

  • tinman0 04 Oct 2007

    yawn.....another high powered SUV with no class.

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