VW's R brand: we're going for diesel and 4WD

Controversial rumblings from VW's 'R' brand bosses about the future shape of fast VWs: "The future is diesel and all-wheel-drive."

These are the words of Ulrich Richter, R GmbH's executive director, speaking to US blog site Autoblog at the LA show.

This means (though this is taking an Olympic-standard long jump to draw such a conclusion) that we could well be seeing an oil-burning 'R' car (VW Golf GTD R, anyone?) before too long. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your prejudices/predelictions...

More universally encouraging news comes from R's assertion that low weight is more effective for economy than hybrid tech. "You can get the same efficiency [as a hybrid] by dropping 100 kilos," says Richter. Which, as much as it might be a statement of the bleedin' obvious to many, is also good news for those who like their fast VW's with a side-serving of agility, and not an extra lump of dead-weight battery.

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  • Mr Whippy 23 Nov 2011

    If only they can tune a diesel to be interesting in it's delivery.

    All too often they are mid-range heavy and make say 90% or more of their peak power from 3000rpm onwards.

    But at the same time, that is a core reason people like them, easy fast day to day, but then not so fun on a mini-hoon home.

    Catch 22, it'll be interesting to see how they work around it!


  • StottyZr 23 Nov 2011

    Here we go again. Diesel/petrol fanboys have been waiting for a story like this laugh

    Looks like a damn good idea to me if VW can get there fingers out and produce a competative, powerful and efficient diesel engine. Something BMW seem to be kicking their arse on in recent times.

  • Hellbound 23 Nov 2011

    Only diesel I'm interested in is the BMW M550dX Estate.

  • Ali_T 23 Nov 2011

    I take it they don't intend to sell any in the US, Middle East or Asia then?

  • Riggers 23 Nov 2011

    Ali_T said:
    I take it they don't intend to sell any in the US, Middle East or Asia then?
    'Going for diesel and 4wd' doesn't, of course, mean to the exclusion of everything else...

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