Who Wants a Reventon?

With just 20 Lamborghini Reventons around you’re likely to wait a long time before one turns up on Autotrader. But one of these rare beasts recently came onto the market in the US.

Only 10 Reventons were said to have made it to the States and this one is for sale in the very slickly-named Silicon Valley Auto Group. According to the description the car has come from Dubai at some point.

After doing a bit of digging around it looks like the seller may have had the car for some time - looks like the credit crunch is biting even at this level. Unsurprisingly there’s no price tag plastered on the windscreen but I guess if you have to ask…

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  • Marwood79 23 Jan 2009

    Depending on what frame of mind I happen to be in - I see the rarified people who put-out for one of these either as haloed demigods who have achieved arguably the pinnacle of modern pistonhead appreciation... or alternatively slightly confused suckers who've fallen for some kind of self-obsessed mega prank.

    I mean come on - parked next to that lawn... it's just a bloody car at the end of the day. Some wheels and interestingly formed sheets of carbon fibre.... or is it?

    How much???!!!

    No doubt already on its way to some other obscure climate-controlled corner of the world.

  • Collaudatore 23 Jan 2009

    SOTW gone a bit upmarket this week

  • AB 23 Jan 2009

    You just buy because you can...

  • Della 23 Jan 2009

    Collaudatore said:
    SOTW gone a bit upmarket this week
    Ha Ha. I don't think the credit crunch has hit that hard just yet.
    Imagine that for a grand?

  • Bill Carr 23 Jan 2009

    You know what? In real life, on a real street, with "normal" surroundings, I think it looks a bit st.

    (don's flame-proof suit and leaves quickly...)

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