Windows and doors for KTM X-Bow

The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer and maker of the extreme X-Bow track car is due to introduce a more mainstream version of its four-wheeled offering.

Speaking in an interview with Top Gear magazine, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer revealed that the new X-Bow model will come with doors and a windscreen - and even a roof. Of sorts.

KTM had considered a full-on roof, but decided against it as the issues with making it adhere to all the many and varied homologation and type approval regulations would have made it prohibitively expensive. Instead, there will be a removable roof panel that will work at up to 80mph.

KTM is also going after Le Mans glory, with plans to enter the LMP2 class with a modified X-Bow, possibly powered by a version of the turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine from the Audi TT RS. And a road version with the same powerplant could even be in the offing.

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  • jimroyale 10 Jun 2012

    Is it still too expensive? Probably more so now that it's weather proof. Cost is king, especially right now. Lets hope there is a budget version.

  • MonkeyMatt 11 Jun 2012

    Wont be long before there is a Ducatti like this!

  • 356Speedster 11 Jun 2012

    Last I heard KTM had stopped X-Bow production due to low sales... did production re-start again?

    I can't see that adding doors, a screen & a roof will help them shift cars, TBH. It's extreme nature is it's USP, I can't see many people wanting to spend getting on for 911 money on a slightly sanitised X-Bow. Ariel put a screen on the Atom (as an option) and it didn't bring in a whole new clientel, so I can't see this helping KTM either.

    All this weather geat is going to add weight and will inevitably spoilt the looks. I think the answer to shifting more X-Bows is lowering the price. At £60'ish, they have always been way too expensive for what they delvier vs the competition.

  • GTRene 11 Jun 2012

    here, the KTM X-bow Stratosferica biggrin


  • GTRene 11 Jun 2012

    and this

    or this way?

    the KTM X-bow Montecarlo

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