Bloodhound SSC finds buyer

With all the toing and froing around the Bloodhound project, it's nice to report on some good news as the festive period approaches. In a release issued this morning, FRP Advisory - the Bloodhound administrators - have announced an investor "which will allow the project to continue".

That investor is Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Ian Warhurst, who has purchased the business and assets for an "undisclosed amount". Warhurst owns and runs Melett, described as a company "which manufactures precision-engineered turbochargers and other parts for the automotive industry." Sounds like a good start, doesn't it?

There's no comment from Warhurst yet, the only comment thus far from the Andrew Sheridan of the administration company: "We have been overwhelmed by the passion that clearly exists for Bloodhound and are thrilled that we have been able to secure a buyer who is able to give this inspiring project a future.

"Ian has a strong background in managing highly successful businesses in the automotive engineering sector and he will bring considerable expertise to bear in taking the project forward. He will be outlining his plans for the project in detail early in the New Year."

Which all sounds very encouraging for now, especially given how bleak the situation looked not so long ago. Expect more news in 2019, hopefully with the record attempt back on track and heading for 1,000mph.

P.H. O'meter

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  • sidesauce 17 Dec 2018

    Victory from the jaws of defeat perhaps? Hmmm...

  • akirk 17 Dec 2018

    So - we all need to add Mellet turbochargers to our cars to help smile

    good for him - Yorkshire boss of an automotive engineering company - as long as the funds are there - sounds ideal!

  • bobbo89 17 Dec 2018

    Never heard of Melett but a quick Google and it turns out they're only 15 mins away from where I live!

    Be interesting to see where they go with this and where they see the value in it...

  • MrC986 17 Dec 2018

    It's positive news and the new owner just needs to continue to be able to use the goodwill of the main original sponsors from a technical point of view and to motivate and encourage young people into engineering with the project.

  • JMF894 17 Dec 2018

    Good news. Considered Mellet not long ago for a TD-04 19T hybrid rebuild.

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