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'Edition Noire Sportive' is 250th Chiron

Bugatti marks halfway point of Chiron production; there are still some available to buy...

By Matt Bird / Thursday, February 20, 2020

You need not be that familiar with Bugatti to know that it's fond of a limited edition; from Pur Sang to Sang Noir, there have been all manner of Veyron and Chiron special over the past 15 years. Now there's one more to add to that list, as the Chiron reaches the halfway point in its production run.

Build number 250 is the Chiron Sport 'Edition Noire Sportive'; mechanically unchanged from a regular, 1,600hp (!) Chiron Sport, its customer has instead opted for a super stealthy all-black look, from grille to badges to spoiler font. It'll be on display at Bugatti's Geneva show stand, or rather in the configuration room where those special enough "will have the opportunity to admire it." Maybe it lacks a bit of originality, but dare we say the Chiron rather suits the black-on-black look?

Of far more significance than yet another Edition-badged Bugatti is the news that this car arrives just three years into the production run. The Veyron took nine years to sell 450 units, and now the Chiron is on course to sell out its 500-model run in two thirds of the time. Of course, that can't be a totally accurate prediction, as interest was probably greater immediately after launch, but it does go to show how well the Veyron's successor has been received by the world's wealthiest people.

Stephan Winkelmann said that reaching Chiron #250 already "is an amazing accomplishment that fills me with pride"; board member Christophe Piochon went one step further, suggesting that one "never gets used to seeing another Chiron leaver our Atelier." Quite some claim. And, if the current rate of production continues, he only has until 2023 to try and get used to it.

Finally, it's worth noting that the Chiron is very much still on sale; we get used to limited-run hypercars being allocated almost before being announced, but not so here. Bugatti says "fewer than 100" remain on offer, which means the opportunity is certainly still there should the EuroMillions come in. And if waiting for the "Haute Couture of the automotive industry" to build a car is going to take too long, there are pre-owned examples of the 249 Chirons already made out there - see here...

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