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First Morgan Aero GT complete!

One down, seven to go...

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Sadly this isn't a news story confirming that additional

will be built. Nor does it reveal that, actually, the BMW V8 can continue seeing service in a British sports car. So, unfortunately, you probably still can't have one.

The news? Morgan has made the first one. Not exactly imperative, granted, but then it does look pretty cool. And there won't be many. So it would be remiss not to share the pics, wouldn't it?
If the colour of this Aero GT looks familiar, that's because it's Miami Blue. Yes, the Porsche colour, and the one we opted for on our Caterham 7 long termer. But then if it's good enough for those two then it's good enough for Morgan. This particular car also has a black interior and black wheels.

Morgan's MD Steve Morris said of the new car: "The first Aero GT off the production line looks superb in every way. It was a pleasure to reveal the car to the world just a few weeks ago, to see the first car leave the factory is an honour and I know the new owner will be delighted when they take delivery." Let's hope the next seven look as good as this one!



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