Lexus LC500 by Liberty Walk

Love it or loathe it, the current Lexus styling direction is certainly distinctive. Also firmly entrenched in the automotive Marmite category is Liberty Walk; it's hard to be impassive about either, the work of both so completely and defiantly bold.

And here's what happens when you combine the two, Liberty Walk's latest creations being based on the Lexus LC500. Yes, that's creations plural, because not one but two wide-body kits are on offer from LW for the LC; after all, why limit yourself to just one bonkers coupe?

They don't look terribly different from here, though. You've got rivets, you've got a ducktail, you've got camber - they're Liberty Walk cars, no doubt. The main difference between the two according to the website - aside from the significant price difference - comes in the spoilers, but even those look remarkably similar. Perhaps there are more details to follow in time.

As with previous Liberty Walk upgrades, the bodykits can be purchased in fibreglass or CFRP and as individual components. So if you just wanted the ducktail, for example, it's available from $2,000... The first complete kit starts at $13,380, the second at $15,650 - the carbon equivalents are $16,740 and $19,440 respectively.

Neither is a bargain then, but what were you expecting from Liberty Walk? The car is £90K to start with as well. Don't forget to add a few thousand more for air ride too. And perhaps another set of wheels. Still, for making an impact wherever you go, there can't be many more guaranteed ways to do so than with a Liberty Walk Lexus LC. Just leave the stickers off, OK?

[Sources: Motor Trend, Liberty Walk]

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  • Quickmoose 02 Jan 2018

    When they say there are two it one in GRP and one in CFRP?

    Liberty walk... a guilty pleasure for me... getmecoat

  • RemyMartin81D 02 Jan 2018

    Liberty wk by name liberty wk by nature.

    At least they are consistent.

  • sideways sid 02 Jan 2018

    Man maths in reverse?

    Spend several thousand dollars to turn your £90k car into a £9k car!

  • Mark-C 02 Jan 2018

    Any chance we can have less of this stuff in 2018? Cheers beer

  • Resolutionary 02 Jan 2018

    I can sense this will go down like a lead balloon here. Still, it's more for the 'wikkid bruv' lot than the 'MX5 / 335D is god' lot.

    (Tongue firmly in cheek).

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