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Mountune Fiesta ST gets 235hp

More power than before, for less money than before? Win-win!

By Dafydd Wood / Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Matt was nothing but enthusiastic when he drove Mountune's Fiesta 225 ST last year. "For those simply seeking more fun from an already brilliant little car, the M225 hits the nail on the head with all the precision we've come to expect from its maker... Get a Performance Pack car with this fitted and you won't find a more enjoyable new hot hatch for the money. And by the time boredom sets in - if it ever does - Mountune should have the second stage of upgrades ready to go" he said.

Well, should anyone have somehow begun to tire of that package, or even just become jaded by its enhanced ability, that second stage has now arrived to give the ST a further kick up the rear. While retaining Mountune's all-important 'OEM+' feel, the new M235 offers further improvements to the 1.5-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, over and above what was achieved previously.

Power and torque have been increased by 10hp and 7lb ft respectively, for new totals of 235hp and 258lb ft. Those being improvements of 35hp and 44lb ft over the standard car. There's also a no-lift shift optimisation included within the calibration, said to make smooth and precise lift-less gear changes easy, while combining with Mountune's enhanced exhaust overrun to create "an optimum driving experience."

"The M235 power upgrade shows how much fun there is to be had from the Mk8 Fiesta ST," said Alec Pell-Johnson, Director of Mountune Performance. "We've worked hard to improve on the already impressive M225 kit and, with the introduction of no-lift shift optimisation and an enhanced exhaust overrun, our latest kit provides drivers with a product that delivers both significant performance and driver enjoyment."

Customers new to Mountune can purchase the entire package (including a high-flow induction kit, Mountune badge and the tuner's SMARTflash EVI Bluetooth OBD adapter) for £575 including VAT, while existing 225 owners can upgrade via their SMARTflash app for £99. The M235 upgrade includes three calibrations: 'Performance' which offers the previously mentioned power and torque increases, alongside a more aggressive launch control strategy and enhanced soundtrack in Sport/Track modes; 'Stock' which returns the ST to its standard configuration; and 'Anti-Theft' which fully immobilises the car.

There's always a chance that further increases in output can tip a sweetly-balanced car over the edge, but the upgrades here sound modest enough without being so small as to be inconsequential. Given the precedent already established by Mountuned fast Fords, there's every reason to think they're on to another winner here.

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