NIO EP9 sets new Nurburgring recordโ€จ

...the NIO EP9 has gone over six seconds quicker! And, yes, we know this achievement was public knowledge a few days ago but in this age of conspiracy theories about tweaked video frame rates, 'theoretical' lap times made up of best sector compilations and all the rest we wanted to wait for the video of the lap to see for ourselves.

NIO sent out the release earlier in the week confirming that the 1,360hp EP9 had set the new record. Now we have the video so you can watch it below. Suffice it to say it's quick - a whole 19 seconds quicker than the EV record, claimed last October in what NIO describes as "the inclemental weather that the Nรผrburgring Nordschleife is known for" and the best of two attempts it made. Back in the world of internal combustion engines Lamborghini of course made some noise at Geneva with the 6min 52sec claimed for the Huracan Performante; that this has now been beaten by the EP9 puts an interesting 'electric versus internal combustion' twist on the familiar soap opera of 'ring lap times.

NIO has also confirmed that a second batch of 10 EP9s is to be built priced at 1.48 million dollars, all being made to order. Watch the video here


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  • Thom 16 May 2017

    Hmm that was a tastefully boring, thank you.

  • V8A*ndy 16 May 2017

    Thom said:
    Hmm that was a tastefully boring, thank you.
    As boring as my washing machine on 1600 spin (washing machine might actually sound better).

  • Reffro 16 May 2017

    Maybe something fishy there, I hope not though.

    NIO have not timed the lap as everyone else does! Everyone else starts the timing further up the road, so the EP9 is between 3 & 4 seconds faster in a true comparison......

    Why would NIO claim a time that is obviously slower than others would claim?

    Though in defence of NIO, they have at least timed a full lap, not the 'full' lap others seem content to use.

    Edited by Reffro on Tuesday 16th May 11:42

  • Max_Torque 16 May 2017

    And the car was mostly engineered here in sunny Northamptonshire!

    Nice to see the UK leading the charge to full electromobility from the front ;-)


  • ukaskew 16 May 2017

    The phrase 'on rails' is banded about a lot but that looked ridiculously smooth and planted, zero drama.

    Whether that's a good thing or not is personal preference (I'm sure they could engineer a slower, slidier car if they wanted) , but it's an impressive statement.

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