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The Drift King and an '86: Time For Coffee?

Keiichi Tsuchiya doing what he does best, with one incredible touge run and an AE86

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Drifting is huge business nowadays, the names, money and the spectacle associated with the sport being bigger than ever. It wasn't always like that, of course, and there's no better reminder of the fact than this video.

Because drifting, as you'll well know, wasn't always about 1,000hp engine swaps and hydraulic handbrakes. What it used to be was like this, with tinbox Japanese coupes, touge hill runs and unwavering commitment. And it remains incredible to watch.

While clearly tuned by the sounds of it, this AE86 is not boasting huge power, which means it's not simply gliding from corner to corner on a surfeit of torque. It needs to be driven, and driven hard, which Tsuchiya-san is of course more than happy to oblige in doing. There isn't much run off, there are a lot of revs and the oversteer, when it does come, is absolutely fabulous.

So if you love powerslides, fast cars from the East and perhaps the most famous Japanese racing driver in history, there's no better accompaniment to your morning brew. Turn it up...

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