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Thread of the Week: The best looking saloon

Step up and nominate your favourite three-box four-door design!

By Jack Mansfield / Friday, April 19, 2019

Everyone loves a picture heavy "What's the best..." type thread. And this is one that sparked debate in the PH office this lovely afternoon - an admirable feat, considering how miserable this lot are! The question; what is the best looking four-dour saloon ever made?

It all comes down to personal taste, of course. Are you a fan of sleek, sharp-edged 80s saloons, such as the BMW E28 M5 (that'll do me), or are your peepers more favourable towards modern metal, such as the Aston Martin Rapide or Maserati Quattroporte? Heck, you might even go way left field and appreciate the unique American twang of a Hudson Hornet!

The choice is, frankly, huge, and something that could be argued over for hours on end. So, get debating with whoever is sitting next to you at the pub, the waiter who's serving you food, or, more importantly, with all the PHers already discussing it on this thread.

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