TVR finally hurdles factory delay

Itโ€™s been four years since the relaunched TVR announced its intentions to build a new sports car; since then, we only have a Griffith prototype to show for its efforts. Recently, logistic issues relating to its planned Ebbw Vale production facility have prevented the brand from making real ground, but now, following an extensive EU-wide tender process handled by the Welsh Government, a constructor has been selected โ€“ meaning real work on the site should be able to begin this year.

TVR has reported on its Facebook page that the delay in announcing a contractor was related to the discovery of โ€œsome harmful and unusual substancesโ€ in the 200,000 square foot building, which used to be a Techboard factory, alongside โ€œthe condition of the main roof and the fire system's water storage tanksโ€.ย 

Apparently the firm had also failed to foresee just how extensive the search for a building contractor would need to be as a result of Welsh Government financial backing. It had expected to be selecting from a small pool of local candidates, but EU investment requires that tenders are accepted from across Europe. Which sounds timeย consuming.ย 

All of this meant that TVR has kept pushing back its expected launch date for the Griffith from the initial pledge of 2017. Only now, with a builder successfully nominated can the idea of building 2,000 cars a years said to be back on track - and even then the statement talks about โ€œa few bits and pieces that need to be tied up.โ€ The latest predictions suggest that first deliveries of the Launch Edition model ought to kick off in late 2020, with the volume car appearing a year later.ย 

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Comments (157) Join the discussion on the forum

  • CedricN 11 Jun 2019

    I hope they don't stress it out with catastrophic build quality, that would be devestating when building a "new" brand. I only worked at a big oem, but that time plans sounds quite optimistic..

  • GTEYE 11 Jun 2019

    2,000 cars a year will never happen, I just don’t believe it, sorry.

  • malaccamax 11 Jun 2019

    They'll be showing the facelifted model soon. Looking forward to it

  • cookie1600 11 Jun 2019

    Still a way to go to beat the record of the production Celica, from teaser to showroom and Toyota had a factory to build it in!

  • BigChiefmuffinAgain 11 Jun 2019

    Late 2020 , as in 18 months, still seems very optimistic.

    There's a lot of work involved in kitting out a 200,000 sq ft factory ( especially if there are problems with the roof ) and until it is finished, it is very hard to even start to recruit and then train the staff.

    Someone has to take a close look at their critical paths, me thinks.

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