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Virtual McLaren F1: Reader's Car of the Week

Can't afford your dream car? Just build it yourself!

By Dafydd Wood / Saturday, March 23, 2019

A slightly different one for you this week, but an interesting project nonetheless. While there are some on the PH forums lucky enough to own their dream cars, the majority of us can never hope to even get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F40, Jaguar XJ220 or Porsche 959 - let alone own one.

That isn't stopping PHer crosseyedlion, though. Instead the industrious automotive engineer has decided to build a McLaren F1 of his very own. Not a real one, of course, that would be insane. No, crosseyedlion is reconstructing the car virtually, designing each piece using specialist design software and honing his CAD skills in the process.

To get started he visited the car at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles and assembled a raft of reference material to guide him, before setting about tackling his first piece, the pedal box. We'll leave it to him to take things from there, but whether you have an understanding of computer design, engineering, McLarens or none of the above, the thread is proving to be of interest to PHers of all stripes. So good luck crosseyedlion and keep up the good work, who knows, maybe one day it'll result in something more tangible than you think!

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