BMW 'M Performance Parts Concept' for Goodwood

BMW M Performance Parts are not new to the M2; indeed they were announced before the first drives in 2016. So what, you may be thinking, is BMW playing it? Some bits are gold, the paint is matt Frozen black and the kidney grille surround appears to be carbon fibre. Yuck.

However, there's far more to this 'M Performance Parts Concept' than meets the eye. It has a lighter battery, for example, saving 14kg. Further kilos are shed with a carbon roof, bonnet, boot and side panels. Those natty gold wheels are forged to save six kilos, and come with Michelin Cup 2 tyres. Combine those with the lighter front seats (-9kg) and simpler rear bench (-13kg) and the total weight saving for this Concept over the Competition is more than 60kg.

It doesn't end there, either; two-way adjustable coilovers are fitted, with 12 stages of compression and 16 of rebound to choose from, plus a 20mm reduction in ride height. Inside the carbon 'n' gold theme continues, with plentiful Alcantara as well. BMW also makes a point of the springs and brake calipers being black, which is probably the point where there's not much more to say...

BMW will exhibit this concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with some of the carbon parts available now (bonnet, grille) and the rest to follow in the coming months. No prices have yet been released, though large body panels in carbon never have come cheap. To be honest the seats and the wheels would probably suit just fine for us. And the windscreen sticker, of course...


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Comments (18) Join the discussion on the forum

  • lindrup119 12 Jul 2018

    Is 60kg meant to be a lot?

  • Mackofthejungle 12 Jul 2018

    lindrup119 said:
    Is 60kg meant to be a lot?
    Vanity weight saving - it's all the rage.

  • chazwozza 12 Jul 2018

    I could lose 60kg on a short diet!

  • cookie1600 12 Jul 2018

    "So what, you may be thinking, is BMW playing it?"

    Eh? what indeed are they playing it?

    Looks like Kahn 'enhancement' format to me.

  • Harry_523 12 Jul 2018

    60kg sounds suspiciously similar to the amount of weight the Competition gained of the old M2.

    How much are they going to charge for all this carbon?

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