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RM Auctions 'Youngtimer Collection' sale preview

Love your 80s and 90s German 'bahnstormers? Right this way...

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Even in the rarefied world of auction exotica, there are a few common themes that tend to emerge: unique supercars, iconic racers, delivery mileage curios and so on. RM's February Paris sale, however, is the first we've ever seen with such an exquisite array of German modern classics.

Being RM this is not your average group of 3 Series and C-Classes; instead 'The Youngtimer Collection' features for sale almost every dream car of the era. For those of a PH persuasion - we all know how popular German barges are on here - the catalogue looks like heaven.

Like BMW? Of course. See this Alpina B7 Turbo, the first E24 6 Series conversion undertaken by Buchloe, stunning in blue with cream (and gold graphics), estimated at €80-100,000. It's manual, as well. And that really is just the start: there's a long-wheelbase, 6.0-litre Alpina B12 from an E38 7 Series that's expected to make less than €35,000; a B7 S Turbo of E12 5 Series vintage, matching the 6 Series spec and estimated at €200,000; and a stunning Alpina B12 5.7 (so an original 8 Series) that's likely to make similar money. That's before mentioning the 850 CSI, M6 or another Alpina 5 Series - wow.

More Mercedes-minded? Only the finest in gangster chic has made it here. There's a 1989, widebody 560SEC, a 6.0-litre R129 SL, a 6.3-litre SEL from the 60s and a Final Edition G65 from last year - so that's a 6,075cc average (give or take) capacity between four cars there. Plus a pair of 500Es. And a 450SLC.

That's not even the end of the Youngtimer cars, either, with this amazing Tickford Aston Lagonda (€90-120,000), a 1985 Audi Quattro (€40-50,000), and a Lotus Esprit 25th Anniversary (€60-80,000) also available. What a collection.

So yes, while RM is also selling four Bugattis in Paris, a one-off Ferrari SP30, a Hispano Suiza K6 and a Porsche 550 Spyder, we'll be looking out for the Alpinas and Mercedes. Oh yes, and the manual Vanquish S. Happy daydreaming, and good luck to the fortunate few...


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