Team Tangerine: Reader's Car(s) of the Week

We like to read a good story on PistonHeads, don't we? And arguably there's none more heartening than that of PHer 'Mwn11' and his 1971 Porsche 911 T. Are you sitting comfortably? Time to begin...

In the family since before this PHer's birth, the old 911 became more a part of Mwn's life as he set about rebuilding the engine with his father during the 2000s. No longer the embarrassing old heap to be picked up in, it was now the desirable classic Porsche in his eyes. It gets better, too: in December 2017 Mwn was able to buy the car from his dad, on the condition that the latter was still able to use it on occasion.

As you can see the 911 is a proper stunner; put into service recently as his wedding car, the Porsche will soon be resprayed with the rust sorted out and the wiring remedied, too. Mwn11, we can't wait to see how it progresses!

But why make do with just one incredible orange sports car, when you could have two? As suggested by the 'Team Tangerine' title, this PHer owns a pair. Following three years with an S2 Elise 111R, Mwn11 has now been the proud owner of a Chrome Orange Exige V6 S for a month. He describes the decision as being "heavily influenced by my dad buying an orange sports car in his youth." We can't think of a better lead to follow - top work that PHer!

Read the full thread here.

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