The i8 V8 GTR race car!

While the i8 has undoubtedly been a pioneer for hybrid sports cars, there's always been a nagging doubt about what might have been if a more traditional path had been followed. That's not just being atavistic PH, either, campaigning for a V8 at any given opportunity. (Okay, so maybe it's a bit of that.) But also it's because BMW has never really done all-out sports cars, has it? There have been great M car coupes and saloons, but true thoroughbreds are notable by their absence in BMW's back catalogue - M1 excepted.

That's now changed, though, thanks to the work of Belgian outfit Hamofa Motor Sport. Alright, so it's a racing car and not a road car, but what you're looking at here is an i8 with a 540hp V8. Got your attention now, right?

Moreover, it uses an evolution of the E90 M3's S65 V8, so the sound is as rude as you might hope. And weighing just 1,100kg, the i8 GT doesn't want for pace either. This video from Zolder shows it having no problem keeping up with 911 GT3s and the like.

It should be noted of course that this GTR is described in the video as a Solution F silhouette race car, which mean it's a body on common architecture rather than a ground up reengineering of the i8. Other Solution F racers out there include a Saab 9-3, Volvo S60 and Vauxhall Astra, for example. But still, a cool racing car is a cool racing car, regardless of how much production car bits it features.

The i8 GTR has been competing in the Belcar endurance series, this latest Zolder video from a test session. With a distinctly uncompetitive 2018 season - even allowing for late entry - Hamofa will be hoping for a more successful 2019 campaign. After seeing the car in action, consider us right behind them too!


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  • GT119 23 Oct 2018

    I think there was a company proposing to do a road-going conversion with the twin-turbo V8 out of the M5, does anyone recall that?
    The S65 probably deserves a lightweight application to fulfil its destiny though.

  • MOTK 23 Oct 2018

    This isn't a bad go at what you suggest, albeit not a bmw per se.
    If I couldcloud9
    1350kg ish with that motor, oh yes please.
    The I8 above looks a bit of a mess imo (it's not often I prefer the road car looks to a race car version), though I guess many would say the same about the weismann 'style'.

    Edited by MOTK on Tuesday 23 October 20:11

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