VW Golf R Performance?

Call it speculation, call it rumour, call it what you want - the prospect of a more exciting Golf R is one that surely deserves more attention. See PH isn't all that sold on the Golf flagship, despite what many others will say, and so a bit more dynamic edge would be more than welcome.

More interesting than just the colour it turns out!
More interesting than just the colour it turns out!
Initial interest was piqued at the Geneva show, the yellow R on VW's stand spotted with an Akrapovic exhaust and Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, the same as used on the Huracan Performante. Following that a video has been released outlining a few more Performance upgrades and, well, they sounds rather good actually.

"Even rawer, even less compromising, even more strong-willed" is how VW officially describes this Performance package, the most interesting bits as far as PH is concerned being the "shock absorber adjustment" (which looks like offering ride height settings), front air curtains from the GTI Clubsport and a raised top speed - the video shows 267km/h, or 166mph. There's also a performance brake option which, according to the R Performance mini site, brings drilled discs and a pad upgrade.

Along with the exhaust and the tyres, there's a suggestion that this Golf R could be rather more fun than the standard car. Especially in yellow. The video doesn't state there will be any more power, though that's not really ever been lacking from the R.

Weirdly however, the Golf R Performance has been wheeled out with very little fanfare. We've contacted VW UK, who said it was a European package that isn't available yet on the Continent yet. As for over here, the official line is that "We're still evaluating whether it will be offered for sale in the United Kingdom." To the multitudinous Golf R fans out there, you know what to do!

Watch the video here.

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  • ogrodz 14 Mar 2017

    Looking at the configurator, I see that the estate R now allows a towbar to be fitted. The hatchback doesn't specify it. This is a major decision factor for a middle aged man considering buying what is essentially still a boy racer's car. Subtle paintwork, wheels and towbar + performance ++++ and I'm there... Anyone listening VW?

    I'll get me coat...

  • xjay1337 14 Mar 2017

    Probably cheaper to buy a normal R and then fit better brakes and have it remapped and fit better suspension (if you want).

    Seems pointless, and that yellow is horrific, like that BMW baby sick yellow they did on the E46 M3s.

  • PixelpeepS3 14 Mar 2017

    2.5 from the TTRS/RS3 please VW..

    Golf RR...


  • phil4 14 Mar 2017

    I wonder if they're pondering the £40,000 tax hike starting in April.

    Currently if you spec a 5 door, in white, 18" with leather, and a few juicey options (satnav, dynamic chassis) etc, you get within a gnats whisker of £40K, or over it if you add matts.

    I'd fully expect an Akra exhaust, and some extra wingy bits, or funky suspension to take you upto or just over the 40K threshold without any of the options I mentioned above.

    I'm not saying the £310 for years 2-5 of ownership is a huge amount, but it's already enough for me to be thinking about loosing a few options.

  • DPSFleet 14 Mar 2017

    Golf..... they peaked with the Mark 1 GTi 1800 back in 1980, since then, boring "blue rinse old lady cars. So much better out there for less money.

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