Downforce a pressing issue for GT-R hillclimb car

Hillclimb cars are hardly shy and retiring vehicles at the best of times, their insatiable desire for downforce, grip and traction often placated with a serving of enormous wings. The effect is even more striking when it's applied to a production car, the addition of the spoilers being far more at odds with the relatively staid proportions of a roadgoing machine.

This is certainly the case when it comes to Franco Scribante Racing's new Nissan GT-R-based hillclimb car. Having taken a fact-finding trip to last year's Pikes Peak event, the company apparently came away with the understanding that what was required to be successful involved more spoilers than a Game of Thrones comment section.

Thus their new machine has taken shape, complete with a double-stacked carbon fibre splitter and spoiler configuration at the front, with a gargantuan wing and diffuser combo at the rear. The GT-R is, of course, also famously tunable; in this case its twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 has received extensive upgrades for an output of over 1,600hp at the wheels.

There isn't a great deal more to say about it, to be honest, but with the car set to make its competitive debut at next month's Simola Hillclimb in South Africa, we surely don't have long to wait for more details, and a video of it in action, to emerge. For now, though, these photos will do just fine!

Images: Franco Scribante Racing

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  • Tri_Doc 25 Apr 2019

    This is now the example the Oxford dictionary use to explain the 'built not bought' ethos.

  • British Beef 25 Apr 2019

    Needs bigger wings and more of them!!

  • Scootersp 25 Apr 2019

    If you floor this in reverse does it literally take off!

  • DailyHack 25 Apr 2019

    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak springs to mind...

  • iphonedyou 25 Apr 2019


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