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First A90 Supra fetches Β£1.6m at auction

Selling for millions in the US, and apparently sold out here, the Supra's launch edition is causing quite a stir...

By Dafydd Wood / Monday, January 21, 2019

Remember last week, when a US dealer purchased a mint condition Mk.4 Toyota Supra for just shy of £100,000 and then put it up for sale for more than double that amount? Well now the new car is getting in on the act, with the very first Mk.5 Supra having gone under the hammer as part of Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale charity auction on Saturday. The final price? $2.1 million (around £1.6 million at current exchange rates).

The car itself, dubbed "Global #1" is finished in an exclusive combination of matte gray paint with red mirrors and matte black wheels. Inside, meanwhile, it features a red interior with carbon-fibre inserts identifying it as the first of the U.S. market's launch edition cars. Proper car geeks may get a kick out of the knowledge that Global #1's VIN ends in 20201 - '2020' representing the U.S. model year of those first customer Supras and '1' denoting its status as the first example off the production line - the only Supra that will be so satisfyingly labeled.

The launch edition car has been making headlines on this side of the Atlantic, too, although for rather different reasons. Toyota was reportedly forced to announce its "sincere regret" after demand for the limited-run A90 Special Editions overwhelmed its website. This apparently resulted in several customers being allowed to successfully place their £1,000 deposits for the car, despite the UK's allocation of 24 cars having already sold out.

The affected customers have been given the option of having their money refunded and cancelling the orders all together, or shifting their deposits over to orders for the range-topping Supra 3.0L Pro, including a free two-year service plan and an invitation to attend a Toyota Gazoo Motorsport event as a guest of the company. Whether Toyota is making millions for charity by flogging the car, or having to return customers' money due to excessive demand, though, we're sure that someone in Toyota City will be pleased with the enormous amount of attention their new sports car is getting.

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