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Honda Accord Type R: Reader's Car of the Week

You've heard of K-swapped EK9 Civics, but what about a K20-powered Accord?

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, April 20, 2019

The internet is rife with stories of K20-powered EK9 Civic Type Rs, but Accords? Not so much. Given that the saloon Type R is at least every bit as fun as its hatchback cousin, it’s probably linked to the Accord’s rarity, as well as its better standing out of the box, that has prevented the model from attracting much attention from the aftermarket crowd. The Accord got a 2.2-litre engine and limited-slip diff as standard, after all. And today, just 430 remain registered on UK roads.

Still, that hasn’t stopped PHer TrackNutz from commencing an engine swap with an EP3 Civic Type R, to provide a heart for an Accord he’s owned for more than a decade. The reason? The new motor opens the door to a much, much longer list of available aftermarket parts, which, as many of us know, includes the option of supercharging the K20 motor. The potential output from a highly-strung K20 of this sort is 400hp - twice the original output of the engine and a 188hp gain on the Accord’s 2.2.

TrackNutz isn’t just some power-crazed lunatic, though, because as his name suggests he’s a regular at circuits. The Accord is being developed for competition in series like Castle Combe GT championship and the VTEC Challenge, so the quality of the engineering has to be of the highest standard – enough to satisfy motorsport scrutineers. For this reason, despite starting the project thread back in December 2017, TrackNutz’s Accord is only now just starting to come together and the engine has recently been plumbed in. The good news is this means the full track makeover can begin… Good luck TrackNutz!

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