Lancer Evolution I GSR: Reader's Car of the Week

How many dream cars originate in childhood? Must be the majority, as young and impressionable petrolheads form opinions based on road tests, videos and passenger rides. For PHer 'Jon_A', the case was no different: having experienced a friend's Mitsubishi Evo I RS as a 17 year-old, and been completely overwhelmed by its ability, he made a promise to one day own one.

As it transpired, 17 years and various fast cars - including other Evos - passed before Jon realised his dream. But in September 2015 he took the plunge on the Lancer you see here, an Evo I GSR with just 46,000 miles recorded. Standard apart from the Evo 2 wheels and some Ohlins suspension, it's delivering all that impressed way back in 1998 - that famed Evo combination of agility, traction relentless performance.

Given the Evo's age, it's now being treated to a gentle restoration from Jon and his cousin, while still being driven on the road now and again. Which sounds like exactly the way to enjoy one of the Japanese Domestic Market legends - nicely done!

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