New Jimny crushes it off-road: Time for Tea?

You want Jimny, we'll give you Jimny - 11 minutes of it, mostly off-roading and mostly brilliant. Doffed cap to Jalopnik, who alerted us to this video's artful combination of mud and B-roll melody. Naturally we toe-tapped our way through the whole thing, but if your tea break doesn't last quite that long, you'll be happy to hear that the best earth conquering moments occur in the first couple of minutes (although it does briefly go all slo-mo at 3.45).

What does it teach us? Well, that the Jimny's tradition of being ruggedly able off-road looks set to continue. The footage is Suzuki produced (the car launched there a couple of weeks ago) so naturally it's not going to film the car getting bogged down - but it serves to show that rigid axles and low range (and presumably tyres which aren't Trofeo Rs) are still going to get you a fairly long way down most muddy green lanes.

Stick with it, and there's plenty of studio-based reminders of why the Jimny is going to be as practical as a MOLLE rucksack, too. That's all part of its heritage, of course, which is on display in another even more splendid tribute video to the first gen model, including not only a potentially fatal jump shot, but also the world's greatest gloved-hand gear change 28 seconds in. Jimny!



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  • Spontaneously 20 Jul 2018

    Haven't watched the video yet but straight away it looks like it's design was inspired by the G-Wag.
    Could be a hoot.

  • loose cannon 20 Jul 2018

    What a great little motor thumbup

  • Cold 20 Jul 2018

    In before someone says something dull about Land Rover needing a new Defender.

  • notread 20 Jul 2018

    Love it! Well done Suzuki. It doesn't fit my needs my needs at all, but I admire it in much the same way that, every time I visit Italy, I'm attracted to ratty old Panda 4x4s. Unpretentious, practical, characterful and fit for purpose. I hope you can get it on steel wheels?

  • arkenphel 20 Jul 2018

    The one with the archescloud9

    But seriously, what's it's Ring time?

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