The £4k GT86: Reader's Car of the Week

'My new GT86 needs a little bit of T-Cut' is the name of this thread, PHer 'Samjeev' rather mischievously hinting at all not being quite right with the Toyota coupe he's purchased recently. Because, of course, it needs rather more than that...

The GT86 in question is a Cat N (what was Cat D) write off, meaning the car doesn't have structural damage but was deemed uneconomical to repair by the insurance company. This is where Sam stepped in, with plans to rebuild and upgrade the '86, snapping up the damaged car for £4,000.

The thread has only been running since March, but Sam has clearly been busy in getting the Toyota back to its best. Along with those parts required for the repair, he's also managed to secure a couple of additional bits - a carbon bonnet being one of them, "because I've always wanted one so why not", according to Sam - to make the car his own.

It's a very interesting thread to read, with insight into just awkward some parts of the rebuild can be - GT86 airbags punch through the dash, for example, meaning £1,000 for new ones along with a large bit of replacement interior... As well as that it's great to see a car coming back to life, hurdles overcome and problems resolved. Finally, if you needed further incentive to bookmark the thread, Sam reckons some body panels should be going on this weekend...

Bravo then, Samjeev, for rescuing a GT86 and putting the hours in to get it back to a roadworthy state. Good luck with the rest of the build!

Read the full thread here.

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