Toyota Supra leaks ahead of Detroit show debut

Has a car leaked more times than the fifth generation Toyota Supra? The inordinately long gestation period hasn't helped, of course (the manufacturer started began pursuing the idea at the turn of the decade) nor the umpteen concepts that have been and gone in that time. Even so, Toyota has signally failed to keep things wired tight.

Today offers an additional example. Even on the cusp of its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show, the firm hasn't managed to keep the production model under wraps. According to Jalopnik, the blame (this time around) lies with Toyota Mexico, which posted the in-house video below on its Twitter account.

Of course, the damage is somewhat mitigated by the extent of the leaks which have preceded it, not to mention an extensive track drive programme based on the prototype. So we already know many, many things - if not precise details - just as we knew what the car looked like, despite the attention of Toyota's camouflage paint department.

The video - now courtesy of Carscoops - adds nothing in the numbers department, but does reveal the A90 in all its red-coloured glory. Your opinions on its appearance are likely fully-formed already, although for what its worth, the consensus in the office still has the collective PH thumb pointing up. Certainly it has the right proportions, anyway (being impressively long in the bonnet and short in the overhangs) and is raked and angular and striking where a Supra ought to be.

Just how pleasing it appears in the flesh remains to be seen, just as the final (final) details are still to be discovered. Enough to keep us in expectant mood for Monday morning in Detroit, obviously - but perhaps not quite at the edge of our seats. Where we ought to have been.


P.H. O'meter

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  • Robert-nszl1 11 Jan 2019

    Certainly a better looking nose in my view, but the front overhang is still too long, and the bonnet looks a bit out of proportion. I assume front impact legislation is the cause of some of these design issues in modern cars. This is more resolved than the BMW though.

  • MX6 11 Jan 2019

    Looks great to me, very nice sports car shape, really like the long bonnet and stubby rear end. Reminds me a bit of the Z4 (e85), in terms of the proportions of the silhouette, with the ducktail-ish form on the boot...

  • jl34 11 Jan 2019

    Roof line is way to high. Just looks fat and bulbous but not in a good way. Proportionally just not right at all. Shame frown

  • Daston 11 Jan 2019

    Looks better in the video and sounds quite nice too. Shame it isn't a 2+2 like the old one.

  • janesmith1950 11 Jan 2019

    To my eyes very fussy and strangely proportioned. Hardly exciting knowing it has the same donkey as the Z4. Nothing wrong with said donkey, just not much opportunity for differentiation.

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