Toyota Supra production model leaks (again)

One month before the Toyota Supra is officially unveiled at the Detroit motor show, and guess what... yep, it's leaked out. Classic. An image posted on a Supra enthusiast forum shows the car's front end completely uncovered in what appears to be the trailer it is being transported in. Course, Toyota has not commented on the image, but it's very obviously the Supra we've seen only in disguise so far.

Not much has changed from the prototype versions, which is of little surprise considering the proximity of its launch. Many of the aggressive design features first shown on the FT-1 concept back in 2014 - like that prominent front bumper, sleek headlights and that swooping bonnet - are retained on the front of the finished car. It looks decidedly racier than the more subtle Porsche 718 Cayman and much more youthful than its brother-from-another-mother, the BMW Z4. Good work, Toyota.

When it comes to the oily bits, we already know what to expect thanks to our prototype drive. The car will get a BMW-sourced turbocharged 3.0-litre inline six with around 340hp, leaving it well placed to hit 62mph in about 4.8 seconds - and slapping it smack bang in 718 Cayman territory. It'll be a rear-driver, using an eight-speed ZF auto gearbox. All in, it's predicted to weigh about 1,500kg.

Of course, there's a chance we'll also be told about the other engines set to join the range in Detroit. A smaller capacity four-cylinder is likely (also from BMW) but earlier rumours of a hybrid version have so far stalled. More importantly, a manual is still in the cards. Although we'd expect Toyota to hold launching that for at least a few months; the auto will likely be the bigger seller globally so it takes precedence.

Anyway, that's all to come. Between now and the car's January reveal we can fill a whole Christmas with anticipation. Or maybe that should be 'refill' given the seven years that have elapsed between now and the start of the 'new Supra' conversation on PH...

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  • Peanus 12 Dec 2018

    So ugly a drive through a Halfords store will improve it aesthetically.

  • redroadster 12 Dec 2018

    I like looks obviously personal choice ,but really want to know price sounds like it handles well and pretty sure performance will be strong with tuning easily uprated with turbo engine.

  • J4CKO 12 Dec 2018

    Quite like it, though the front sort of puts me in mind of a Seat Leon Mk2 upside down.

  • fernando the frog 12 Dec 2018

    anyone think it'd look better with the lower bit all black like this?

  • Ultrafunkula 12 Dec 2018

    Looks better from the back than the front, but I'm liking it.

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