Toyota teases Supra Super GT Concept

As unbelievable as it seems, we still haven't actually seen a production example of Toyota's new Supra. Seven years after rumours began that such a car was coming "as soon as 2014", we've spied it testing, read leaked details, driven the prototype and even started daydreaming about a manual option, but are yet to lay eyes on the finished article.

That's set to change soon, though, with Toyota having confirmed back in October that the car will make its debut at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Breaking cover at the same time - at a different show which starts on the very same day, in fact - will be this: the Supra Super GT Concept.

There are no specific details on it as yet, just the announcement that it will debut at the same time as a new addition to Toyota's road-going GR lineup - not to be confused with its more potent GRMN range. Both cars are set to appear alongside racers including the Yaris WRC, Lexus LC Nurburgring-spec and a "Supra vehicle that participated in past domestic races" on Toyota's stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

We saw a similar concept from the manufacturer at this year's Geneva show, a creation dubbed the GR Supra Racing. It featured all the usual race car addenda including an OMP driver's seat, quick-release steering wheel, lowered suspension, BBS wheels, Michelin racing tyres, Brembo discs and calipers, and a racing exhaust. It also made use of a "lightweight composite material" for the majority of its bodywork, including the enormous rear wing and diffuser which also appear evident in the shadowy teaser released for the new car.

What exactly the Super GT Concept is, then, and whether it's a harbinger of an actual entry into the Japanese touring car series, remains to be seen. But with both Detroit and Tokyo beginning on January 12th (although the Japanese show has a press day on the 11th), there'll at least be two things to look forward to once the festive season has passed.


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Comments (14) Join the discussion on the forum

  • redroadster 10 Dec 2018

    I'd be grateful to see normal Road version will we see it before tvr factory is built lol

  • wab172uk 10 Dec 2018

    When something is teased for so long, it becomes uninteresting.

  • J4CKO 10 Dec 2018

    Yeah, hurry up and release it so we can say its,

    Too Ugly,
    Too Heavy,
    Too much like a BMW Z4,
    Too Expensive,
    Too Modern
    Not as good as the old one

  • Ares 10 Dec 2018

    This must be the most teased car ever. Most manufacturers have launched and replaced cars since this was first teased.

    They've built the hype up so much that unless this is a £45k Ferrari 488, it'll be underwhelming.

  • sgtbash 10 Dec 2018

    Just release the fking thing!

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