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Lotus design boss on Evija | Time for Tea

Russell Carr explains the thinking behind the EV hypercar's standout styling

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, May 22, 2020

The Evija isn’t just significant because it’s Lotus's first EV or its most powerful car yet. It’s significant because it heralds an all-new chapter for the brand, one which will eventually feature electric cars exclusively. Recent comments from CEO Phil Popham suggested that the last ICE Lotus is incoming soon, so the Evija really is the future of Lotus.

As such, the aerodynamic details of the 1,190hp-per-tonne hypercar – designed by Lotus design director Russell Carr – could very well trickle down into less extreme Lotuses of the future. In a new video, he talks us through the thinking behind both the form and function of the car’s body, which sits just 105mm above the ground to maximise downforce, and reveals a few new secrets on the way, too.

Predictably, the Evija’s 2,000hp electric powertrain has provided extensive freedom for Carr, so you can see why he’s so enthusiastic about non-ICE-powered Lotuses. And while the prospect of a two-pedal Lotus will send a shiver down the spine of some, there are at least some real, Chapman-esque advantages in the use of compactly packaged EV motors.

Whatever form future Lotus’s take, at least the likes of Carr will be on hand to keep them true to the philosophy. On that note, over to the man himself…

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