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Lotus Elise S1 | Reader's Car of the Week

The perfect platform on which to build a Motorsport Elise replica

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Lotus Motorsport Elise has to be one of the prettiest, best proportioned racing cars ever made. Which makes the decision to replicate its fine form easily understandable - and that's precisely what Stratosboy decided to do with an S1 last autumn. Peeling and cutting the fibreglass skin off such a special car is not a job for the faint hearted, but what ended up replacing those panels confirms it was worth the effort.

Stratosboy’s work goes beyond aesthetics; there’s a full Motorsport-spec upgrade, as well, with height adjustable suspension, uprated brakes and new wishbones, underneath, while inside it’s a full track makeover. Then the S1’s standard alloys are swapped for a set of 10-spokes painted in gold and wrapped in sticky Toyo Proxes boots. So you get the point – this is no show queen.

Mind you, this Motorsport Elise replica would have no trouble winning fans on looks alone, particularly because that lick of Porsche Miami Blue looks absolutely fantastic on its beefed-up body. The OP’s thread will have you both grinning with admiration and green with envy because this is one lovely Lotus. Kudos for going with your gut, Stratosboy.

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