Lotus Evija to target Nurburgring record

The Evija's raw statistics are impressive enough, but at the official unveiling last night PH discovered that Lotus is already considering some record-setting with its new EV hypercar.

One of the interesting details from the technical presentation was that the 70kW/h battery pack has been designed to deliver its 2MW peak flow for up to seven minutes before it suffers from the de-rating that tends to happen when EVs get hot and bothered. Louis Kerr, Lotus's principal platform engineer, admitted that this was with a lap time target in mind. It didn't take long for us to work out which one.

"Yes, we are thinking of the Nordschlife," Kerr confirmed, "we think we'll be comfortably quicker than the NIO EP9 there."

Although the Volkswagen ID.R recently set an outright electric record around the famous track, the NIO's 6:45 time from 2017 means that it is still nominally the fastest 'production' EV to have lapped the 'Ring. Lotus has set its sights on breaking it.

While the Evija's battery pack has a relatively modest capacity, considerably less than the 120kW/h of the Pininfarina Battista which is its main rival, it is designed to be used hard. Kerr says that the active cooling of the Samsung lithium-ion cells is why it can support ultra-fast charging, up to 800kW - more than any commercially available charger out there. The battery pack is also swappable, although this takes a couple of hours, with Lotus considering ways to ultimately let buyers upgrade to newer and more powerful packs as technology improves.

And those headline-grabbing acceleration figures? Kerr admitted they are also worst-case scenarios - so the 'sub-3' second 0-62mph time could end up being closer to two seconds and the sub-9-sec 0-186mph time could end up being even more impressive.

The other big surprise from the presentation was Lotus's confirmation that it will built up to 130 of the Evija; when we first learned about the car the steer from Hethel was that production volumes would be much lower. When we asked Lotus CEO Phil Popham why, his reply was refreshingly simple: "if something's worth doing, it's worth doing properly, isn't it?"

That figure is a limit rather than a target, but Popham confirmed that several contracts with potential buyers have already been signed.

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  • lotuslover69 18 Jul 2019

    With the ridiculously fast 0-187mph time of 9 seconds i suspected the 0-60 time would be very close to 2.0 seconds

  • kambites 18 Jul 2019

    Well I can't see any it would be slower to 60 than a Porsche 918 which takes 2.2 seconds - similar weight, probably similar tyres, at least as good at modulating its power; both will be traction limited so power isn't really relevant. It may well then manage 60-120 faster than it does 0-60 because it's still be traction limited and has the advantage of some aerodynamic downforce increasing traction.

    I wonder if it's a single speed reduction gear or it actually has a variable ratio gearbox. These things must be starting to reach the point where it's easily worth having more than one ratio if it's viable from a packaging point of view.

    Edited by kambites on Thursday 18th July 07:43

  • W12GT 18 Jul 2019

    I love how Lotus have taken the opportunity to make a really different looking car for their first foray into the EV world.

    Possibly the most exciting looking new car I’ve seen in years. Love it.

    Edited by W12GT on Thursday 18th July 08:00

  • Porsche911R 18 Jul 2019

    Is it really going to happen ?

    Are people really going to drop 1/4 mil deposits with lotus after the last lot of car and the m250 issues.

    They talk about a ring record but that’s 2 years away !
    Running before they can walk again, they have already gone back on the 130 cars, now it’s less. Which means very low orders at launch, it’s seems 2.

    The R and D must be massive on this project, when all we want is a new Elise.

    Edited by Porsche911R on Thursday 18th July 08:34

  • kambites 18 Jul 2019

    Porsche911R said:
    Is it really going to happen ?

    Are people really going to drop 1/4 mil deposits with lotus after the last lot of car and the m250 issues.
    The people Lotus/Geely will be targeting with this wont even have heard of the M250 or indeed, in many cases, the Elise or Evora.

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