Electric GT race calendar confirmed

Remember last November, when PH drove the Tesla Model S racing car? Remember, too, when one of the first comments read: "Just no. Racing should smell of unburnt fuel, sound like wasps killing each other whilst strangling eagles, I'm not for this at all."? It's fair to say the reception on PistonHeads was mixed.

Today comes confirmation that the Electric GT series has an 'Electric Production Car Series' championship calendar set up for 2018-19. Beginning at Jerez in November, the Teslas will compete across Europe at circuits including Silverstone, Assen and the Nurburgring before the season finale at Portimao in November 2019. While dates and locations are subject to change, EGT says that the grid will feature 10 teams of two cars, plus every weekend will include a 20-minute practice, a 60-minute quali and two races: one during the day, and one at dusk.

There's more than that, though, because - in case you hadn't guessed - EPCS isn't a regular race series. So the support race will be electric karting, with an eSports Series having a presence too. Fans will also be able to stream EPCS races via Periscope, Twitch and YouTube. Each Electric GT weekend will be, according to organisers, "a... festival of technology and innovation for sustainability."

So something different, for sure. CEO of Electric GT Holdings Mark Gemmell, a software engineer until not all that long ago, said: "We have received a great deal of interest from circuits around the world excited by the possibilities that electric racing brings. We've got lots more news to come very soon. I'm stoked about the future, and we are all looking forward to bringing elbows-out electric racing action to fans around the world." To that end the EPCS is offering some complimentary tickets to the opening round at Jerez for those fans who register on its website. Would you be interested? Would you not? Floor is yours...


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  • JDM_virgin 24 Apr 2018

    Think i might start watching all my favourite racing on mute and see if i still enjoy it as like it or not change is coming. MotoGP on mute, WTCC on mute and sad to say LeMans on mute, as good as it is watching great overtakes and watching strategies play out, noise is 80% of the experience. The thunder of a DucatiGP bike, seemless shift of the honda or the V8 rumble of a corvette at full chat coming into indy....savour it whilst it lasts

  • jason61c 24 Apr 2018

    Just because its here, doesn't make it right.

    Luckily the Motogp roadmap is years of electric GP bikes.

    I wonder how many rival series start in a few years with combustion only engines and all the positives that go with it.

  • Truckosaurus 24 Apr 2018

    I'm not against electric cars racing on principle but having a one make series sort of defeats the object. The electric cars need to be racing alongside ICE and hybrid cars. Then we can have the interest of differing power delivery styles or power saving driving styles. This might also improve recharging technology (speed of charging etc.)

  • romac 24 Apr 2018

    I wonder if these motor circuits will have the charging infrastructure and capacity to charge all these cars at the same time?

    Perhaps we'll see similar to what I saw the other week: an EV VW Transporter near the British Museum in London, parked up and connected to... ...a Honda generator! LOL

  • rodericb 24 Apr 2018

    romac said:
    I wonder if these motor circuits will have the charging infrastructure and capacity to charge all these cars at the same time?
    Hmm, that gives me an idea - have standard fast chargers in the pits for refuelling but with the rule that only three quarters of them work at the same time. Then while they're charging the drivers can run around a replica of the track, standardized so that one lap by foot around the mini-replica takes roughly the same time as the mean lap time in a car around the real circuit. So while the car is charging, the driver can still be 'lapping' while their car is charging! I was going to say that they could spend that recharging time drinking bad coffee and stale pastries but those drivers are usually pretty fit guys and wouldn't want to go for that....

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