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Ford Capri RS3100 onboard: Time For Coffee?

The Capri is 50 years old this year - no more excuse needed for a video celebration...

By Matt Bird / Friday, March 15, 2019

While overshadowed in the Ford coupe ranks by the Mustang that it owed its existence to, there can be no doubting the significance of the Capri to a certain generation of UK enthusiasts. Across three generations and nearly 20 years of sales, it captured the imagination of many; here, at last, was a sexy desirable two-door Ford, one that that was affordable and - with the right engine, at least - fast as well.

A motorsport career only aided the Capri legend, racing (and winning) across Europe against 911s, CSLs and the like, with further success in British saloon car racing. It's a legacy that's being celebrated at the Silverstone Classic this year, and one we're only too happy to get behind with videos like this.

It comes from last year's Oldtimer GP at the Nurburgring, seemingly an absolute feast of excitement for those who like classic motorsport. It features an RS3100 Capri, arguably the most iconic racing one of the lot, battling on the GP track with a BMW M1 and a Porsche 934 - it's sportscar racing nirvana, put simply. The big V6 howls and growls its way around, manipulated by one of those manual gearbox things (keep an eye on that right until the end, in fact), the effort put in by driver Stefan Mucke visible for all to see. It's an absolute treat.

For any fans of tin-top racing, of fast Fords, or just a sweet old V6, this one is well worth a watch. Or, more specifically, a listen. Just keep the tab open alongside the ones that are meant to be, and drink it all in...



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