McLaren's Can-Am cars: Time for Tea

Is there a better way to celebrate 50 years since McLaren dominated the Can-Am Cup than racing your vintage competition car, complete with a Chevvy 700hp V8, at Laguna Seca? No, there is not. Just ask the eight drivers who demonstrated these monstrous McLarens from yesteryear on the famous Californian circuit.

As three of these drivers explain in the manufacturer's latest video, hustling one of these classic beasts around the Corkscrew is no easy feat - "all balls and skill" is how one chap memorably puts it. Although advanced for their time, back in the late 60s cars had far more power than grip and humble steel brakes to slow them down. Drivers like Bruce McLaren had to be extremely brave.

Kudos to the present owners of McLaren's old Can-Am cars then who continue to use them in the same vein. While we don't doubt the pace is a little slower now, hearing their big block V8s thunder along the pit straight at full chat is something we all need to experience. Get the kettle on...

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  • HardMiles 23 Nov 2018

    Big unequal velocity stacks / inlet trumpets = yum. Lots and lots of yum!

  • tosh.brice 23 Nov 2018

    Lots of yum - but why didn't we see anyone tackling the corkscrew?

  • Maldini35 23 Nov 2018

    Proper cars those

  • unsprung 23 Nov 2018

    "...the monocoque used the engine as a partially stressed structural member."

  • Maldini35 24 Nov 2018

    Proper cars those

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