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We’re big fans of the Stadium Super Trucks series at PH, for all of its madness. It’s about as far from the clinical world of Formula 1 as you can get, with pick-ups that defy gravity over jumps and demonstrate the sort of body roll you’d expect from giant Citroen 2CVs. Off circuit politics are practically non-existent between teams, with all of the fighting done on track - even if it means body work, wheels and pretty much anything else getting lost in the process.

This morning, we’ve come across an excellent visor camera video from the weekend’s first Mid-Ohio race, with Matt Brabham providing us with the hectic on track ride. From starting in second and then challenging for the lead, defending champ Brabham demonstrates the aggressive racing techniques he’s been successfully employing to rank top of the 2019 leader board. It’s fair to say he knows his way around the 600hp Chevy V8 racer – and it makes for excellent viewing.

Best of all, with four rounds of the 2019 series left (Mid-Ohio was the fifth of the season), the championship is still all to play for. And as the support series for IndyCar, it’s fast building in popularity on a global scale, meaning you can catch the action online from this side of the pond. The title showdown is one we’ll certainly be watching even if only for the on-track argy-bargy, which vastly contrasts our regular schedule of motorsport. If you’re yet to be convinced of its entertainment, we encourage you to get the kettle on and enjoy the on-board below.

P.H. O'meter

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  • Arsecati 31 Jul 2019

    More entertainment in the first 30 seconds than an entire 65 laps of an F1 race! That was hilarious!

  • oobster 31 Jul 2019

    Get some ramps in F1, that'll be fun!

  • seefarr 31 Jul 2019

    wikipedia said:
    Powered by a 600-hp Chevrolet LS V8 engine, the trucks weigh 2,900 pounds (1,300 kg) and are built with a steel-tube frame and fiberglass body. The trucks are 13'5" long and 5'2" high, feature a three-speed transmission and can reach speeds as high as 140 mph (230 km/h). A portion of the frame protects the driver from rolls. Next to the driver is a 5-US-gallon (19 l) jug that catches fluids which may have spilled from damage that the truck sustains.
    Is that a spittoon or is it in case you soil yourself whilst in a massive accident?

  • V8muscle 31 Jul 2019

    Stadium Truck Racing has always amazed me. The trucks and drivers are unbelievable.

    Check this out -

  • Mammasaid 31 Jul 2019

    They're actually on the IndyCar support, not NASCAR, and used to regularly hop across the Pacific to Australia.

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