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Chevrolet Camaro SS | Reader's Car of the Week

Well, what other car was a PHer called 'irocfan' going to drive?

By Dafydd Wood / Saturday, December 14, 2019

We're big fans of American muscle here at PH, but have to admit we've had far greater exposure to models like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger than Chevy's Camaro. Luckily for us, PHer 'irocfan' is on hand with one of the most detailed Reader's Car posts you could hope to find.

From the mandatory search criteria he began with (something V8, auto and American in good condition) to the preferences he was a little more flexible on (interesting colour, low mileage, reversing sensors etc) his post details the entire process of sourcing and buying the car he ended up with.

Having had the car setup the way he wanted, he found it to be even more agreeable than he first imagined. With the tracking, transmission, and power delivery all "night and day" improvements, he put over 450 on the clock in relatively short order.

And as for his future plans? Well, we'll leave those to irocfan to explain. But with more than 400hp already on tap and the car running smoothly, there wasn't a great deal to be done. That didn't mean he didn't have anything up his sleeve, of course, on which note, over to the thread.

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