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Climbkhana TWO | Time for Coffee?

Ken Block has been to China with the Hoonitruck. Cue 9mins of you know what...

By PH Staff / Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Obviously we all know what we're getting when a video is fronted by Mr K. Block. Skids, mostly. However, the so-called Climbkhana offshoot has slightly tweaked the old formula by having Kenny B negotiate actual roads rather than knocking over traffic cones in the middle of nowhere.

It's fair to say the last effort (the first), was the best thing KB has done in yonks because it was up Pikes Peak, which, as you will doubtless know, is rather treacherous if you happen to come off. Which our American friend very nearly did.

Consequently the video got many million views, and you rather suspect that his team has been scratching around for another challenge of similar scale (along with becoming famous all over again on Amazon Prime). To find one, Hoonigan visited China with the intention of sending the Blockster and his 914hp Hoonitruck up 'China's Most Dangerous Road'.

The stretch of tarmac in question is the one which runs up Tianmen Mountain - the one which you might recall the Volkswagen ID.R sprinting up a couple of months ago. Naturally, Ken, 51, is not in the People's Republic to challenge that time - but rather to go slithering up the road in his own inimitable style with our entertainment being his only real target. (Although, like Volkswagen, he's probably more interested in China's 1.5bn consumers this time around than he is in us.)

Quite what the world's most populous Communist state made of the Head Hoonigan In Charge is anyone's guess. But he clearly got exclusive use of the road - and put it to good use. His film crew are certainly handier with a drone than Volkswagen's lot, and there's plenty of opportunities to see how the road ended up with a fearsome reputation. Fair play too to HHIC; he may not ever be going that fast, but he's a good egg and a sheer drop to certain death is a sheer drop to certain death. One more for the road, eh Blocky...


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