Corvette ZR1 - official!

It wasn't all that long ago - 2009, in fact - when the last Corvette ZR1 arrived with 640hp. Crikey, we all thought, that's a heck of a lot of power for a Corvette. It probably was, too, given how the final car turned out. But then we had a new Corvette, and a new Z06 with 650hp - the Big Nasty, remember? Great idea, yes, though it did beg a question: if the C7 Z06 was 10hp up on a C6 ZR1, what on earth was in store for the next ZR1?

Now that's a wing!
Now that's a wing!
Now we know, with this Sebring Orange hell-raiser. 755hp and 715lb ft are the big - really big - numbers, the ZR1's 'LT5' 6.2 V8 an evolution of the LT4 as used in the Z06. The important changes are in a new supercharger, offering 52 per cent more displacement than the Z06's, plus Chevy's first dual fuel injection system; port injection supplements the regular direct injection. The first ever automatic gearbox is available for this generation of ZR1, with a seven-speed manual as well, and both are claimed to allow The King - Chevrolet's self-effacing nickname for the car - to hit more than 210mph.

In fact the more significant influence on top speed kudos is which aero package the ZR1 is optioned with. The car you see here has the two-way adjustable High Wing, which offers the most downforce (60 per cent more than a Performance Package Z06, at an estimated 430kg) and therefore the quickest lap times. It also looks fantastically bonkers - a fortunate coincidence, surely - and claims some race car cool by being "tied into the chassis, like the Corvette Racing C7.R, for strength and stability."

Standard low wing. Sad.
Standard low wing. Sad.
The Low Wing - keeps things simple, doesn't it - is standard, looks moderately less badass and is only capable of 70 per cent more downforce than a regular Z06. Tsk. It is, like the High Wing though, "tied" into the chassis again. And it has the greater top speed. But you want the High Wing, right? The more so because the High Wing is part of a ZTK Performance Package that includes Cup 2s, a new front splitter and revised tuning for the magnetic dampers. Get the High Wing, go on...

All ZR1s will be recognisable, even if they aren't orange, thanks to a new front end. As before it features the 'halo' bonnet to give you a peek into the engine bay, but also a fresh bumper arrangement to accommodate four new radiators - the heat exchanger total is now 13... If you opt for the Sebring Orange Design Package, the exterior is also embellished with orange brake calipers and orange accent stripes, plus orange seatbelts and orange stitching inside. Maybe leave that on the options list when you're choosing the High Wing.

Chevrolet says the ZR1 will go on sale next spring, "poised to take on the world's best." With the spec looking how it does, we've no reason to doubt that!



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  • RumbleOfThunder 13 Nov 2017

    Good god. That will likely decimate most things on the cheap side of £500k

  • thatguy11 13 Nov 2017

    It's a shame they've given such an astonishing piece of kit an incredibly goofy face...looks like a grinning hamster.

  • thegreenhell 13 Nov 2017

    Similar performance to a GT2RS, but you'll actually be able to buy one. I like it.

  • The Vambo 13 Nov 2017

    That is awesome, the Americans really are producing some pretty cool cars at the moment.

  • Vocht 13 Nov 2017

    As much as I like the latest tech such as hybrid torque fill and Lambo's ALA etc, I love that this just takes the 'old school' recipe and keeps pushing it further and further. This is truly mental vehicle!

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