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Czinger 21C revealed with 2.9-litre V8

80-car production run, 11,000rpm redline and 1,200kg kerbweight confirmed for 21C - more details here!

By Matt Bird / Friday, February 21, 2020

Because every single year features more of the same thing, it's very hard to avoid a level of professional cynicism when another hybrid hypercar for the Geneva show is announced. They're confirmed, rendered, revealed... and then disappear without a trace. However, there's good reason to believe the Czinger 21C might well be something different, particularly in light of its latest release.

Ahead of being shown to the world in Switzerland next month, Czinger has issued a full suite of images showing the actual car actually driving (not always guaranteed) and further spec details. Of course you really want to see it to believe it, but there's much to be encouraged by.

Czinger wants to make 80 21Cs, split between the standard car and a 'Lightweight track configuration'. Both use the 1,250hp powertrain, comprised of a 2.88-litre, twin-turbo V8 in the middle and a pair of electric motors up front, with the standard car moving along 1,250kg. That's sufficient, via the seven-speed automated manual gearbox, for 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds, 0-186mph-0 in 15 seconds and 0-248mph-0 in 29 seconds. The Koenigsegg Regera has done the same feat in 31.49 seconds.

So it's fast. Of course. The Lightweight car isn't capable of the 0-240mph-0 feat, because its additional aero means it's limited to 236mph, but it should prove even more loony rapid than standard up to that point. With 32kg taken out of the kerbweight, the 21C actually boasts more than 1hp per kilo as a Lightweight - 1,250hp powering 1,218kg. And where the standard makes more than 250kg of downforce at 155mph, the Czinger configured for track is making more than 790kg. Oh yes, and American fans should be encouraged by a claimed 8.1-second quarter mile time...

Creating a hybrid car of this performance potential at less than 1,250kg is quite the achievement, achieved through an alloy and carbon construction, but - just as importantly - by making it small. The central driving position has reduced the size required for the interior, though look at the overall size as well: it has loads of space in a lane, and on a racetrack, bucking the trend somewhat for ginormous hybrid hypercars.

We can also discuss how the 21C's styling now it's been shown in full. Czinger says it looks "like nothing else on the planet", achieved through that patented construction technique that will be detailed further at the show. It allows every shutline of the car to connect "two graphic or functional features, and strong, athletic surfaces flip and wrap around the car's performance core." Even in the Geneva halls jam packed with supercars, expect the 21C to draw a crowd.

While Czinger will offer individual customisation for each of the 80 customers, it hasn't been confirmed as yet how much they will pay for the privilege. For now, there are more videos to watch and pictures to peruse, with additional information to follow. Might this be the hybrid hypercar newbie to take it to the established players?

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