Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Reader's Car of the Week

Credit where it's due, there are a lot of cars being produced in America right now that we'd love to import - various Corvettes, Mustangs and Camaros offer up plentiful power, huge V8s and manual gearboxes. There are even some great track cars in there too.

The Challenger Hellcat may not be one of those, but that doesn't stop us admiring it greatly. How could you not love a car with 707hp as standard? And the name Hellcat? What a shame it's only available in the US.

Those committed enough can import one though, which is exactly what PHer AndySheff has done. As a man who has previously owned a Camaro, a Firebird, a Viper and numerous Mustangs, he's well versed in four-wheeled Americana. In fact, put all those together and you might get 707hp...

Andy's Tor Red Hellcat is in the country but not yet registered or IVA'd, so it'll be a little while before he collects it. The car should be ready just in time, as a few PHers have pointed out, for the really cold weather to arrive, which should be an interesting combination. Still, as reader 'fesuvious' so astutely commented, "Remember, 700 horses through two rear 275 sections isn't happening. Don't fight it. Light it." We look forward to hearing more!

Read the thread here.

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