Jeep gifts 5.7-litre HEMI V8 to Oz; forgets us

There are plenty of reasons to not go to Australia: formidable heat, poison-spitting animals around every corner, the extravagant price of imported cars - but then there are the good things, like temperate winters, koala bears up every tree and the nation's continuing devotion to mega-capacity petrol-burning engines.

Consequently, news that Jeep is (albeit briefly) reintroducing the 5.7-litre HEMI V8 to the Grand Cherokee lineup Down Under ought to come as no surprise to anyone. The new 100-car-run variant is called the S-Limited, and its eight naturally-aspirated cylinders produce 352hp and 384lb ft of torque, while also enabling a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes.

To illustrate its additional muscle, the S-Limited wears an SRT bonnet and darkened trim across its body, and sits on 20-inch wheels that have a finish bespoke to the model. Inside, there are titanium accents, a two-part panoramic sunroof and leather seats, pinched from the 25th Anniversary Edition mode, to add plushness to the Jeep's functional cabin.

Who else thinks it looks rather good? Who else thinks that a fairly low stressed, atmospheric V8 would make quite a nice way to peddle a large SUV about the place? Interestingly, the new HEMI model is cheaper than a limited-run diesel special edition that's been introduced alongside it. Called the S-Overland, it's due in 120 units and - annoyingly - it uses the same V6 oil burner that was previously exclusively to British Grand Cherokees. Come on, Jeep - is there no ying to this yang?

All that said, the S-Overland costs $82,950 Australian, and the S-Limited's is from $71,450. Which is a lot. So I guess we'll just have to make our peace with the 710hp supercharged 6.2 V8 SRT at £89,999. Strewth etc.

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  • RevOne 04 Apr 2019

    352hp from a 5.7L capacity engine... how is this an attractive offer? Not to mention in a 2t + vehicle!
    Throw a supercharger on it at least

    As is, pass!

  • ZX10R NIN 04 Apr 2019

    They did sell the 6.4 Hemi over here but due to lack of sales they dropped it but we do get the Trackhawk.

  • seefarr 04 Apr 2019

    Well if you're jealous of this Jeep...

    Remember HSV (Holden's in house tuner)? Well with the death of the Commodore they had nothing to do so now they convert Chev Silverado HD and Camaros to right-hand-drive. Surely there's a Vauxhall factory going spare somewhere in Britain?! Although Vauxhall Silverado doesn't have quite the same ring to it....

  • Gecko1978 04 Apr 2019

    As a Jeep owner myself I can say this makes no sense in the UK 350bhp is not enough to make it fast but too much to make it frugal etc. Plus the interior in the Limited is the same as the Trackhawk which is not awful but the trackhawk is 90k....I hope the next model improves on the interior

  • Gareth9702 04 Apr 2019

    The way Jeep sales are going in Australia the 100 units will be enough stock for a couple of years.

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