Novitec Tesla Model 3 revealed

What does the future hold for car modifying? Perhaps a big question for this early on a Wednesday, but with the majority of cars leased - in theory prohibiting changes - and the rise of electric powertrains. - no turbo swaps, racier cams or louder exhausts there - it does make you wonder. For those who do own their own EV in future, the focus will surely be on cosmetic alterations - which Novitec is already busying itself with.

Having turned its hand to the S and X, Novitec now has a range of upgrades for the 3. Available for all models, Novitec reckons the work "refines" the smallest Tesla, with attention paid to the wheels, suspension and aerodynamics.

Note for example the carbon front and rear spoiler lips, diffuser and side rocker panels; it's claimed that the front spoiler tweaks reduce front axle lift and therefore improve stability, but it's hard to imagine the effect being much more than negligible. The carbon parts can be painted to match the body, contrast the body, left as carbon or - it would seem - finished however else the customer might like.

Suspension work comes in two forms, either a 30mm lowering spring kit with the standard dampers for both rear- and four-wheel drive cars, or a ride height adjustable kit that can drop a 3 by 40mm. That's sufficient, says Novitec, to reduce aerodynamic drag and cut power consumption over long journeys by up to seven per cent. Sounds more believable, at least, than a 40mm drop offering a "sporty-comfortable ride"....

Then there are the wheels, which are far cleverer than your regular set of big rims for a tuner car. Developed in conjunction with Vossen, these 'NV2' forged 21s improve ventilation to the brakes, each one unique to a specific corner of the car to ensure the "spokes always spin in the airstream in the aerodynamically optimal direction." Given how important regen is to electric vehicles, expect more wheels to be designed in this fashion going forward. Naturally, this being Novitec, there are 72 different colour choices, as well as brushed or polished finishes, to choose from for the Vossen wheels.

Combine all that with a slew of interior possibilities and the opportunity is there to create a drastically different Tesla. With UK cars on the way, it can't be long now before we see the first modified Model 3s in the country...

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  • Baddie 07 Aug 2019


  • GW65 07 Aug 2019

    "Given how important regen is to electric vehicles, expect more wheels to be designed in this fashion going forward."

    Erm, if it's using regen braking then there's no need for brake-cooling! (It's only under hard braking that the regular brakes will waste all that energy as heat...). There will come a day (in my best JFK voice) when regen works so well you won't need regular brakes (or should that be Doc Brown?)

  • HardtopManual 07 Aug 2019

    Exactly re brakes. PH: Uncritically regurgitating press releases matters.

  • scottygib553 07 Aug 2019

    I really don't like that paint finish

  • SturdyHSV 07 Aug 2019

    Somehow that interior just looks incredibly cheap. I'm sure it's very fancy or whatever, but it looks like something from the set of Equilibrium

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