Shelby Raptor Baja takes to the dunes

We're big fans of the F-150 Raptor at PH, and we long to have a go with one in the UK; scratch that, it's not far off an infatuation now. You want more what you can't have, don't you? Now legendary Ford tuner Shelby has turned its collective hand to the Raptor.

Now this is an off-road car!
Now this is an off-road car!
The Shelby Baja Raptor - the name is already quite promising - is fitted with a ram-air hood, new bumpers, a chase rack and eight LEDs at the front to mark it out. The engine that can also be found in the Ford GT now has a 75hp and 100lb ft advantage over the standard F-150, bringing the totals to 525hp and 610lb ft. If you intend on taking the Raptor to the dunes, Shelby has also uprated the very serious Fox Racing suspension set-up to include four-corner adjustability and a three-inch lift.

Inside, Shelby has added custom leather seats, floor mats and console badging, as well as the all-important, numbered CSM serial number which is entered into the official Shelby registry.

Shelby is building 500 units with prices starting at $117,460, but owners are able to have their standard Raptors converted for $50,295. You would if you could, right?



[Source: Shelby]


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Comments (18) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Baconisgoodforme 13 Oct 2017

    Holy Guacamole!

  • J4CKO 13 Oct 2017

    Sure its great fun, but not very original and since Jurassic Park so many things have been called "Raptor" it is untrue, the generic light heavy metal soundtrack sounds like every single US car programme,

    Come on, time for some originality perhaps ?

  • yellowstreak 13 Oct 2017

    You're right. I would if I could.

  • wst 13 Oct 2017

    I think I'd have to strike some deals with local farmers to let me use the tracks along the edges of their fields for my commute. This kind of thing would iron kerbs out and straighten roundabouts, so it would be unreasonable to use it properly on the tarmac wink

  • oldtimer2 13 Oct 2017

    OK if you do not have to go round corners. That it why you only see it among the sand dunes.

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